In Perfect Harmony: The Two Tone Engagement Ring

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Decisions, decisions, how do you choose between white or yellow gold? Double up, that’s how, with a two-tone engagement ring.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, girl. Let’s look at the facts:

Decision One: You met this really great guy and decided to take him for a spin.

Decision Two: You decided that he’s worth more than a test drive.

Decision Three: You decided that yes, you’ll keep him on for the long haul.

And now you have to choose between silver or gold for your engagement ring, the ring that signifies to the rest of the world that you have chosen to take yourself off the market and settle down with this great catch!

Not to mention the plethora of decisions that will come pouring down on you next, including the major decisions such as what dress to wear (take your time with this one) to the minute details of what the napkin rings will look like (spare yourself the trouble here – go for flowers, then you won’t have to deal with this silver/gold issue again).

Okay, enough with the drama – you can have it all! The two-tone engagement ring is your silver and gold cloud on the horizon. Spare yourself the decision and go for the band made of both white and yellow gold, and you’ll never have to worry about wearing a gold or silver bracelet on your left hand again. Nor will you need to put yourself through additional agony of deciding between a silver or gold plated watch – your accessories will always match.

Further (if you care about these things), as white and gold engagement rings and wedding bands go in and out of style, you’ll always be right in there with the popular kids (or at the very least, halfway there).

Because silver, gold, and platinum metals are different to work with, two-tone engagement rings are generally made out of gold: White gold and yellow gold. The white gold still has a yellowish tint to it that a silver or platinum ring wouldn’t, but the difference isn’t that noticeable, particularly when set next to yellow gold.

The options for two-tone engagement rings are only “limited by the imagination,” as the saying goes. You could have a white engagement ring highlighted with a gold accent, or the two colors can be interwoven in a variety of patterns, intricate or simple. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

You can also mix it up between the band and the setting, using a white band with a gold setting, or vice versa.

If you’re going for a custom ring, talk with your jeweler. Depending on how exactly you want to mix it up, you may be able to mix metals: A platinum band with gold accents, for example. Your jeweler can help you work with the different metals to create the look you’re aiming for, or if you want to shop online, there’s an endless number of quality jewelers with an endless number of quality rings for you to choose from. Try starting at – not only do they have a fabulous array of two-tone engagement rings, you can custom-make one that you know you’ll never see anyone else wearing.

Seriously – the options are endless – which, of course, brings you back to making a big decision … (but it’s a fun one, unlike those napkin rings).