Kay Jewelers Review

cartier watchesIt is probably second nature to dig up related information on the web whenever we start using a new online service. For example, you were probably be looking for feedback from other users about Kay.com before you found us in the search engines. That’s the likely reason why you landed on this page.

More importantly, the results you read about will reflect your initial attitude towards a purchase. A good first impression will make you formulate queries that bring up positive feedback, while a not-so-good one will bring up negative feedback.

In my humble opinion, this is still somewhat acceptable. Since these “extras” do not necessarily make the final product better anyway.

Here’s My Personal Experience With Kay Jewelers

In my attempt to contact Kay, I wasn’t able speak to anyone via their live support chat system. And so, I sent them an email with some questions about my shortlisted diamonds. More specifically, I requested magnified images to be sent to me in order to evaluate the performance of their diamonds.

“Thank you for visiting our Kay Jewelers web site. Your message has been assigned request id RQST000XXXXXXXX.

You will receive a response within three to five business days. We look forward to assisting you with your request. If you would like to send additional correspondence for this request, simply reply to this email and your reply will be automatically associated with this request.


Kay Jewelers Customer Care Team”

3 Days Later…

Thank you for visiting our Kay website. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I do apologize but we do not provide any Idealscope or ASET kit with our diamonds. This is a certified diamond by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) which lists all the specifications for this diamond.

If you have any other questions, please get back to me.


Laura F

Customer Care

I don’t know about you but when a business takes 3 long days to reply to a simple question, it shows how much they care about addressing customer concerns. If I were a potential consumer shopping for an engagement ring, any jeweler that takes more than 1 working day to respond to queries will immediately be taken off from my list.

Verifying the Claims of Others

Since most complaints were related to the quality of Kay’s customer services, I decided to call them to test them out. Unfortunately, I could not reach them during the weekends and I personally consider this a disadvantage. After all, that’s when busy people can actually find time to shop.

However, I did manage to get hold of a customer service staff at a later time and had the opportunity to present some of the problems others described as if they were mine.

I spoke twice with a candid young woman who had a very good accent and seemed to be attentive. Asking for a permission to talk with a superior also ended successfully (although several cases of refusal of such requests can be found on forums).

Even though it is impossible to verify every single complaint case, there must have been some cases where Kay failed to address problems correctly as they happened. In my own personal experience, they generally responded in a very appropriate manner. That is to say, reading the bitter remarks of grooms left at the altar might not always be expedient.


Customer service is only one aspect of the shopping experience and Kay Jewelers doesn’t excel particularly well at it. I know there are other reviews of Kay that had been posted by other people online but it’s a mixed bag of opinions. Personally, I would just avoid them and use another jeweler.