Design Your Engagement Ring Online

diamond ringsNo pressure…. but this is your moment.

I know you are nervous and that is so understandable. After all, you have a lot on your plate right now between making your proposal perfect, choosing the setting, the words and the all important timing of the whole event.

One of the biggest decisions that you will make is the engagement ring.

This is where deciding to design your engagement ring online can say so much more than just ‘I Love You’.

It can also let her know just how special she is to you and how unique your love is.

Whether your proposal will be a surprise or whether you are choosing your ring together it is easier than you could imagine to design your own engagement ring.

Thanks to the folks at and real life 3-D technology it is also fun and it won’t cost you any more than your standard engagement ring – in fact it may even cost you a lot less.

You just need to know a few basics.

Which Precious Metal?

The first question that you will be asked is what type of precious metal do you want?

You have 3 options here;

Yellow Gold – this is the most common type used in jewelry and is often mixed with copper and silver to give it more strength. It is graded by the carat – Pure gold is 24 carats, but this makes it unworkable for most forms of jewelry, so most yellow gold jewelry contains between 14-18 carats.

White Gold – is yellow gold that has been mixed with nickel, zinc, silver and palladium and looks very similar to Platinum. This is becoming a very popular choice for those who want to design your own engagement ring because it complements and enhances your diamond beautifully without running to the expense of Platinum.

Rose Gold – Is also called Russian Gold and is basically yellow gold that has been mixed with copper, usually in a 25% copper:75%gold ratio. The more rose colored your ring, the more copper has been added.

Platinum – This precious metal is among the toughest and most durable, in fact it can be used almost without alteration in all forms of jewelry. It is also extremely rare. These two facts alone make platinum more pricey than gold, but its sheer durability and damage resistance make it a very solid investment. It is also one of the few metals that causes little reaction in people with metal sensitivities.

When looking to design your own engagement ring don’t forget that your wedding bands should match the engagement ring, especially for the bride. So that if you choose a platinum engagement ring, be prepared to match it with a platinum wedding band too.

types of ring settings

Which Setting?

The next decision when you want to design your own engagement ring is what sort of setting do you want to display your diamonds?

Solitaire – a single diamond – the traditional favorite.

Pave – Your solitaire that is accentuated by rows of smaller diamonds either side that are individually held in place.
Channel Set – Like a pave setting, but with the smaller diamonds set into a channel in the band.

Bezel – your diamond is surrounded by precious metal which serves to protect and enhance it.
In addition to these four main settings, you may also have any (or all) of the next three.

Side-Stone – Rather than have a solitaire you may like to have a larger diamond with two slightly smaller ones either side of it.

Gemstone – for those that want a bit of color, how about a central diamond with a gemstone either side?

Contemporary settings are definitively modern and designed to stand out.

Once you have chosen your setting, the next step when you design your engagement ring online is to choose your diamond.